Team Prehab

Team Prehab

Player Performance Program:

If you’re ready to take your training and sport preparation to the next level, our player performance program is for you! 

Commencing with an initial injury screening and assessment, players undergo a number of movement tests to gauge their range and areas for improvement.

These PP programs are tailored for the individual, and come with a script of prescribed exercises provided by a Springys Fitness Exercise Physiologist and Physiotherapist, using the unique Springys equipment for an eight week period. 

At the end of the program another assessment is made to gauge improvements. Enquire here to secure your place! 

“…this type of pre-hab training should be a part of all soccer programs for young and old. It will assist you in preventing injury and will give you the edge to your sports performance that you have been looking for.”

– John Stewart, Future Football, Operations Manager 

Not sure which of these is right for you? Give our team a buzz on (03) 9578 2542 or email so we can help you start your Springys journey!