Springys Certifiaction Fundamentals

Springys Certification – Fundamentals

Our fundamentals course will provide you with a thorough understanding of Springys, and the tools to become a certified Springys instructor! 

WHO IS THIS FOR? Allied Health Professionals, PE Teachers, Personal Trainers, Studio owners OR those in the Fitness Industry. 

TIMEFRAME: 2 day course which costs $500-600 with an optional $100 competency assessment at the end.


  • THE BASICS: Recognise the principles of movement and components of fitness applied within the Springys system.
  • WHAT IT CAN DO: Understand the workout scope that can be achieved with Springys, and the related benefits
  • HOW TO USE: Become familiar with the prescriptive criteria that enables the instructor to apply the Springys exercise manual.
  • HOW TO TEACH: Learn how to instruct in Springys effectively and efficiently, with considerations towards mastery of exercise / series selections, general vs. specific criteria, series flow, class management, systematic / effective cueing practises, client feedback.
  • EXPERIENCE SPRINGYS: Experience and practise Springys exercises yourself with movement series from the Springys manual.


  • We look at your learning needs and then customise the opportunities ongoing
  • We tend to your specific professional development requirements
  • More employment opportunities are available to you.
  • The ability to reach remote markets through the Springys system, increasing clientele growth potential. Remote markets might include Clinical populations (including wheelchair users) or elite athletes looking to prevent injury (prehab) or recover from one (rehab). 
  • Potential for financial rewards: We offer sales and referral opportunities to all Springys certified personnel. You will be granted access to our systems at wholesale price and can sell to clients for RRP. In addition if you refer anyone to our certification coursework, they will receive a discount to our program and you will receive a financial benefit (amount TBC).


  • Participants are expected to have an interest in fitness training standards and practises that maintain quality control, functional integrity and longevity for your clients and offer creativity and variety in delivery and experience.
  • Minimal study = Certificate III & IV in Fitness


Upon completion of this course, participants may undertake this assessment/review which includes: 

  • Review of understanding, familiarity and practise of series.
  • Opportunity for Q & A time + further review of anything in questions
  • Objective feedback on your level of understanding and instructor capabilities.
  • Demonstrating competency in all key areas of learning will enable you to receive course credits (CEC’s) and recognition as a qualified Springys instructor.