Springys Certifiaction Advanced

Springys Certification – Advanced

Our advanced Springys courses will provide those that have completed our fundamentals course with further exploration and training in the Springys system. These courses are niche oriented, and we offer a range of topics to further individual areas of interest including (but not limited to) specific sports, specific injuries, NDIS clients, gait retraining, prehab and rehab. 

WHO IS THIS FOR? Allied Health Professionals, PE Teachers, Pilates Instructors, Studio owners, Franchisers & Franchisees looking to get an in-depth knowledge of Springys for a particular purpose


  • Participants must have completed our fundamentals course to undertake an advanced course.


  • The additional scope of this course offers participants the opportunity to diversify their exercise repertoire, experience and outcomes. 
  • The detail of these courses allows participants to gain experience in niche audiences
  • On completion of these courses participants will be able to correlate standardised outcome measures to tangible improvements on the Springys system
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  • SPRINGYS IN DEPTH: Continued exploration of Springys system exercise properties – varying vector forces, integrated movement patterns and biomechanical imprint / benefits.
  • AUDIENCE SUITABILITY: Learn to identify and match workout outcomes to population types / needs such as sport, prehab and rehab..
  • HOW TO PROGRAM FOR SPECIFICITY: using the Springys system and manual series.
  • CONTRAINDICATIONS AND INDICATIONS: Learn how to instruct in Springys effectively and efficiently, with considerations towards mastery of exercise / series selections, general vs. specific criteria, series flow, class management, systematic / effective cueing practises, client feedback.
  • FREESTYLING VARIATIONS: for rehab or reinforcing select recruitment patterns

TIMEFRAME: Different per course

Get in touch with our team to discuss upcoming advanced coursework, or your particular areas of interest.