Sports Teams

Sports Teams

A strategic prehab program might include the following (example only):

Core stability and acquisition of fundamental motor patterns → joint control and dynamic stability → reinforcement of sport specific movements and demands.

We offer a range of benefits and special offers for Australian athletes and sporting teams to enrich and support both coaches and athletes in their endeavours. Please contact one of our team to discuss what training and sponsorship opportunities we could offer your team! 

*NOTE – Home set ups and online assistance are available immediately, allowing training practices to be upheld during stage 4 and catering for restrictions beyond.

Springys is a versatile and space saving training apparatus for athletes, providing sports teams and individuals with the ability to strengthen, condition, and tone their bodies as well as undertake injury prevention training (prehab).

Prehab training will provide your sports teams with a performance edge, and implementing a strategic prehab program with Springys will help compensate for any lack of pre-season prep caused by COVID.* To establish a tailored sports specific prehab for your team, one of our exercise physiologists will scrutinise the biomechanical demands of your discipline and research the relevant injury statistics to expose the prehab needs. This level assessment can be done at both an individual and team level, and highly tailored to the needs and issues being experienced.