Team Up With Us

Team Up With Us


At Springys we have a range of athletes on our books who are training for their particular discipline, recovering from injury, or looking to prevent one (prehab)! As ambassadors for the Springys brand, these athletes work with our team of professional exercise physiologists to develop a program tailored to achieve their desired outcomes. Read more.


Springys is a versatile apparatus for schools, providing students with the ability to strengthen, condition, and tone their bodies as well as undertake injury prevention training (prehab). We also offer professional development opportunities for teachers, and discounted rates for some Springys subscriptions when used as part of the curriculum. In addition, we have specific opportunities for school students, PE teachers, heads of sport and heads of department. Read more


Springys is a supremely flexible training tool for athletes in sports teams, most importantly when undertaking prehab – injury prevention. Prehab training will provide your sports teams with a performance edge, and implementing a strategic prehab program with Springys will help compensate for any disruption to your usual training schedule by COVID.* Our training programs can be tailored to specific sports, and we offer a range of sponsorship packages for local sports teams looking to extend their training capabilities. We offer a range of benefits and special offers for Australian athletes and sporting teams to enrich and support both coaches and athletes in their endeavours. Read more

*NOTE – Home set ups and online assistance are available immediately, allowing training practices to be upheld during stage 4 and catering for restrictions beyond.


The Springys apparatus is suitable for a range of abilities, including those that are living with debilitating conditions, those recovering from injury, those with mobility impairments, wheelchair users or those simply seeking to maintain muscular endurance, muscle tone and memory. We also offer a range of partnership opportunities to NDIS, clinical settings and aged care facilities that are interested in exploring Springys for their own clients or staff. Read more