Springys Sessions

Springys Sessions

Springys Sessions are an Exercise Physiologist lead initiative, providing a range of opportunities to explore Springys as a training tool for both professionals and home users. Our Springys Sessions are lead by our team of Exercise Physiologists and therefore are health fund rebatable and recognised by a range of other compensable schemes. 

INDIVIDUALS: We are currently offering individuals who currently own a Springys home system telehealth sessions while COVID-19 restrictions are in place. After COVID we will resume face-to-face sessions at our studio in Ormond, Melbourne. These sessions are the way for someone from our team to tailor a program specifically to your needs. Individuals are able to access our sessions as 1 on 1 with a qualified instructor, in a semi-private or group setting (maximum of 6 participants). Book a session here. 

SCHOOLS: Springys is the perfect training tool for schools, and we can provide relevant assessments and programming to your students, integrating into the current curriculum across a range of subjects! We also provide a range of professional development sessions for teachers. Timetabling and content is tailored according to the individual school’s objectives, initiatives or particular sporting teams demands. Springys in schools is a great tool for exposing and exploring the latest, evidence based training techniques – building on students’ understanding of the benefits of exercise and exposing practical solutions and experiences to support their awareness and understanding. Register your interest!

SPORTS TEAM PREHAB: We also provide injury prevention programming (prehab) to a range of sports teams, tailored to each specific discipline and the issues that are particular to them. Timetabling and content is geared towards team building and specific demands of your sport or discipline, training phase (pre-season vs in season etc). Springys is a great tool for building comradery and exploring off field training techniques to provide a performance edge when competing. Find out more.

Not sure which of these is right for you? Give our team a buzz on (03) 9578 2542 or email admin@springys.com.au so we can help you start your Springys journey!