Springys Online

Springys Online

Springys Online is a digital platform where Springys owners, instructors and clients can access our huge catalogue of exercises and programs. You can also connect with our inhouse team of exercise physiologists via our Springys online app, who will tailor an exercise prescription to you based on your particular needs and concerns. Depending on how you’d like to use your Springys system, there are a range of subscriptions and access levels available to you.

Both our app for individuals and online platform for professionals provides the user with the ability to format their own exercise schedule or  ‘video playlist,’ – for themselves or for a client. Our app and platform have been designed to be extremely intuitive and inclusive to a wide range of individuals. Exercises in our library can be selected either by type (Traditional, Prehab, Rehab or Sports Specific), by muscle group, by workout outcomes or by exercise intention. All exercises are illustrated as comprehensive video, including progressive cuing and ‘watch points’ throughout the video duration. Dosage is set for each exercise highlighting spring settings, attachments and start position and variable viewing options are available. New exercises are added regularly, so the exercises will continue to challenge, inspire and educate. 

Benefits for individuals: 

  • You have the ability to set your own training program, targeting your own objectives
  • You can connect with our Springys online community or our social pages for extra support or advice
  • You can reach out to a Springys professional for extra guidance

Benefits for Professionals 

  • Our online platform has the ability to seriously reduce the workload involved in programming your clients
  • Increase your Springys and pilates principles knowledge base while training your clients 
  • Diversify the remote and/ or online training options you have available to your clients.  
  • Our platform offers a structured periodised program outlook to your clients: Training phase / period, weekly snapshot, session schedule, session plan/s exercise videos. You can define client objectives for the program phase and session plans, and attach outcome measures. 
  • You can also manage and save a client’s programming history, progress and feedback. 
  • You can also add to Springys video library with your own exercise catalogue
  • You’ll be able to access cardiovascular templates for non Springys sessions

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There are also contactless Independent Training Options available for those that would like some guidance from an instructor without any contact (especially popular in post-COVID times!). In this instance there are a range of options available to you, where you can receive tailored training programs via our app, with or without an initial phone consultation to discuss your individual needs and objectives.

Got a question? Contact our friendly team to discuss which option is best for you.