Springys for Students

Springys For School Students

The Springys system has transformed the traditional Pilates spring wall into a new holistic exercise system designed to specifically strengthen the core and the entire body, whilst also providing postural awareness, flexibility, stability, mindfulness, proprioception and cardiovascular conditioning.

Unified Fitness offers practical opportunities and enhanced learning for students studying VCE Physical Education, for Units:
•  The Human Body in Motion
•  Physical activity, Sport and Society
•  Movement Skills and Energy for Physical Activity
•  Training to improve performance

Other subjects that would benefit from practical experiences at Unified include:
• VCE VET Sport and Recreation
• Health and Human Development
• Psychology units ‘Stress Management’ and ‘Developing and Maintaining Well being’


Classes are held at Unified Fitness in Mckinnon
Address : 201 McKinnon Rd, McKinnon,VIC 3204
Tel : 03 9578 2542
Email : admin@unifiedfitness.com.au


Springys provides a cost-effective and space-saving exercise system for schools. The wall unit can fit easily into a school room and provides a unique prehab exercise solution designed to strengthen the core.