The Springys system’s fusion of Pilates and strength and conditioning exercises offers a unique set of mindful exercises known to improve mood and decrease anxiety. The focus of the prescriptive model is on the exercises being performed correctly, taking the time to establish correct technique.

Breathing, alignment, using the right muscles and relaxing the others, listening to the instructor and so on, means students are thinking of all these things and are therefore in the moment. By the end of the class, they will feel energised and calm.

The breathing method used in Springys exercises encourages relaxation and has been shown to improve mood and decrease anxiety. Using the breath will activate and energise the muscles, bring attention to the body, with a focus on being able to execute movements efficiently and effectively with mindfulness. The exercise stimulus is complimentary to the growth and developments that occur during adolescence.

Springys provides a cost-effective and space-saving exercise system for schools.

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Olivia Junkeer

Actor – ‘Yashvi Rebecchi’ Neighbours, Fremantle Media

19 year old, Olivia Junkeer (best known for her character ‘Yashvi’ in the television show Neighbours) started Springys mid-2017.

Whilst her character has a natural talent for football, Olivia uses Springys to strenghten, tone and shape her body and provide endurance and fitness for her busy schedule.

“I’d highly recommend Springys for girls my age. It’s good to start early to strengthen your core to maintain your posture.

I find it helps with being mindful and aware of the different muscles within your body,” she says.

“Martine is very passionate and educated about the body and she explains what you should be feeling in each exercise. It helps to keep me mindful and focused during the session.”