Our Story

Our Story

Martine Dennis

Martine has over 20 years of experience in sports coaching, exercise science and clinical Pilates. She is well-known in Melbourne for her fitness studio, Unified Fitness, located in McKinnon.

As an accomplished tri-athlete herself, Martine is highly knowledgeable and practical in her approach with clients. She is commonly described by clients and peers as an educator who goes ‘above and beyond’ to support client goals.

Martine is a qualified Exercise Scientist, Level 4 Pilates Instructor and Level 2 Swim Coach who has studied a Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Emergency Medicine, Paramedics, and ACNM Remedial Therapy.

After seeing a number of referred clients with preventable injuries (from high profile sporting clubs in Australia) – Martine identified the need to focus on ‘pre-hab’ exercise, as opposed to ‘re-hab’.

In 2014, she devised the Springys system, an evolution of the Pilates spring wall, aimed to provide an accessible Pilates inspired apparatus and set of exercises for professionals who work with clients or patients to develop functional wellbeing or sports specific goals.

Once perfected the Springys system is able to provide paralleled exercise outcomes to that of a Pilates Reformer with a greater range of exercise outcomes.

Work Experience

Martine’s Qualifications

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Applied Science (sports coach), Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

APMA Level IV Pilates Instructor

Certificate IV in Massage

Level II Swim Coach